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mtn laurel cutout.png
mtn laurel cutout.png

Tickets to LCMF 2024 are sold out. Thank you all so very much!

lcmf 24 sold out.png

If you like your music festivals with shoulder-to-shoulder crowds that talk over the music, waiting in line for hours to buy $12 beers, and getting blistered and burnt by the summer sun all day....then Laurel Cove Music Festival is definitely not for you. 

Our event takes place deep in a shady mountain holler in one of the Commonwealth's most beautiful venues. Surrounded by old growth hemlock and rhododendron, with a rock cliff behind the stage and a small pond in front of it, the 1,400 seat Laurel Cove Amphitheater looks like an Appalachian dreamscape come to life. It is aesthetically and acoustically one of the most remarkable venues in the country. 

Our festival aims to do one thing: to bring ya'll the best up-and-coming and underground musical talent from Appalachia and beyond. We'll never the be the biggest or the flashiest, and frankly we don't want to be. We just want to be YOUR favorite music festival.

Come see what all the fuss is about...

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