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Nearby Attractions

There are a ton of great recreation opportunities while visiting Bell County! Listed below are just a few within minutes (some within walking distance!) from Laurel Cove Amphitheater. For even more info on nearby area attractions, restaurants, and more, check out and click the "Attractions" or "Activities" links. Below are a few notable ones near the venue.  

Chained Rock

Pine Mountain State Resort Park has a ton of great hiking trails! Check their website here: Pine Mountain State Resort Park | Ky Parks

Fly Fishing in Clear Creek

Access near CLear Creek Bible College

Access near Clear Creek Bible College

Wasioto Winds Golf Course

Kayaking/fishing Cumberland River

There is some great kayaking and fishing on the Cumberland River just outside Pineville. Click here for takeout map. If you would like to rent a kayak, check out Lazy River Rentals.

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